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Penang Port deploys Portchain to optimize berth planning at North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT)

Portchain, a provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions to optimize quayside operations for container terminals and carriers, announce today that Penang Port Sdn Bhd (Penang Port), Malaysia’s oldest and longest established port and primary gateway for container shipping, has selected Portchain’s Berth Optimization Engine to optimize berth allocation and enable its customer to monitor berth status in real time.

Portchain and Penang Port will partner in a strategic project to further improve berth planning at North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT). Portchain’s Berth Optimization Engine will digitize the planning process to optimize resource allocation and create a distinctive digital collaboration for employees and customers across Penang Port.

Portchain will collect scheduling data, and planning staff at the terminal can evaluate different scenarios and their KPIs to select the most cost-effective plan and quickly respond to new customer information.

The AI-driven optimization software will further assist planning staff by automating resource allocation for all vessels simultaneously. This will assist the planning staff in finding the optimal plan to increase capacity or reduce operational costs.

Portchain’s cloud-based software allows Penang Port and Portchain to collaborate and deploy the software fully remotely.

Dato’ Sasedharan Vasudevan, CEO of Penang Port, noted:

“Over the last years, we have significantly improved our performance and efficiency at North Butterworth Container Terminal. With Portchain, we can create the next step in data-driven decision making to further improve operational efficiency. We will also create more transparency and improve collaboration with customers and internal stakeholders by connecting them all to the Portchain platform with real-time information.”

Thor Thorup, CCO of Portchain, noted:

“We are excited to collaborate with Penang Port to optimize quayside operations. Our platform and AI-driven optimization algorithms will increase planning speed and accuracy allowing berth planners to increase terminal capacity or reduce operational costs. It will also build trust and simplify communication by creating a common platform to share information in real-time with all stakeholders”.

About Penang Port Sdn. Bhd.

Penang Port Sdn Bhd (Penang Port) is a port operator company (a member of the MMC Group) located in the Penang State, in the north-west of Peninsular Malaysia. Penang Port is the oldest and longest established port in Malaysia. The port serves as the main gateway for shippers in the Northern States of Malaysia as well as the Southern Provinces of Thailand.

The port is fully equipped to handle all types of cargo, such as containerised and non – containerised cargo such as liquid, dry bulk, and break-bulk.

Apart from cargo, Penang Port receives passengers at the Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal (SPCT), “A Leading Cruise Destination in South East Asia.” located on Penang Island. The terminal can handle up to one million passengers a year.

Penang Port’s terminal, the North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) was gazetted as a Free Commercial Zone (FCZ) on 1 February 2021, which enables Penang Port to be the focal point for shipping and transshipment activities.

Penang Port will capitalise on its FCZ status to tap into the Bay of Bengal market by undertaking transshipment activities for containers moving between the Bay of Bengal and the Far-East.

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About Portchain

Portchain is a Copenhagen-based AI company with planning solutions that optimize quayside operations for container carriers and terminals. Its cloud-based software deploys Artificial Intelligence to support terminal operations by optimizing quayside strategy and resource assignment. Portchain solutions manage long term proforma, short term berth planning and customer visibility. Portchain is working with several of the largest operators in the industry such as Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Hapag-Lloyd.

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