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Portchain appoints Rasmus H. Sørensen for the newly-created role of Vice President of Product

Appointment of Rasmus H Sørensen to the newly created role of Vice President of Product. This position underlines Portchain’s ambition to build next generation solutions for the shipping industry.

Portchain, a provider of AI-powered berth and schedule management for container terminals and carriers, is pleased to announce Rasmus H. Sørensen as Vice President of Product. Rasmus brings a wealth of experience when it comes to building a modern SaaS platform that serves the need of demanding customers. He has a background in the Nordic tech scene, with companies such as Tradeshift and, on his resume.

This role is created to fulfil Portchain’s ambition to create the future platform for container shipping and ensure that our customer’s pains and needs continue to be our core focus.

“Rasmus is a product person in its truest sense and brings a wealth of experience to move Portchain to the next level,” said Niels Kristansen, CEO, Portchain. “In the short time Rasmus has been with us, he has already impacted the product and company positively in more than one way, and it is great to have him on the team going forward.”

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