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Digitalization of Berth Planning webinar

Digitalization of Berth Planning webinar

Watch the full “Digitalization of Berth Planning: A terminals view on creating efficiency” video on demand here

Watch the full video of the webinar “Digitalization of Berth Planning: A terminals view on creating efficiency” below. Listen to two successful Portchain customers while they explain the journey and benefits of using an Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based software for berth planning.

People from all over the world joined Fadzly Moftar from Penang Port Sdn. Bhd., Carlos Lazo from Tanger Alliance, and Toby Miller from Portchain to hear about how Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based solutions for berth planning are the future and the right tools to increase capacity and quayside profitability.

After a short introduction about Portchain’s Berth Optimization Engine, the webinar consisted of four areas of their experience:
1. Firstly, the aspirations and pain points that the customers wanted to solve through digital berth planning tool.
2. Secondly, the implementation journey of Portchain’s BOE and the replacement of legacy tools.
3. Third, results so far achieved and the main benefits of the application of the BOE
4. Last, the future goals sought with the Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based solution.

Digitalization Berth Planning webinar
Digitalization Berth Planning webinar link

About our presenters

Toby Miller
Vice President of Customers, Portchain

Toby is Vice President of Customers at Portchain. Previously, he worked at McKinsey leading transformations and digital strategy projects for shipping and energy clients. Before McKinsey, he worked at BP where he led the implementation of production optimization systems. In addition, Toby holds a MSC in Engineering Science (Hons), specializing in Machine Learning from the University of Oxford.

Carlos Lazo
COO/CCO Vice President of Management Board, Tanger Alliance

Carlos is COO / CCO of Tanger Alliance, Morocco. He is a merchant marine captain specializing in oil and chemical tankers. With 10 years of experience in the port and terminal industry, Carlos has worked for APM Terminals at the ports of Callao, Poti and Buenaventura. Besides, Carlos successfully launched a greenfield container terminal in January 2021, capable of handling 1.5m TEU in the port complex of TANGERMED. Carlos is now responsible for growing and maintaining a high performing and safe terminal operation.

Fadzly Moftar
Senior Manager Operations, Penang Port, Malaysia

Fadzly is the Senior Manager Operations at Penang Port with 18 years of experience managing seaport terminal. Besides, he is in charge of direct report to COO as implementation specialist. He also spearheads multiple complex projects for the multi-type terminal (container, conventional cargo, dry bulk, liquid bulk, cruise & ferry) portfolio under Operation Division to achieve better efficiency and agility.

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