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How Artificial Intelligence solutions like Portchain alleviate the congestion crisis

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Artificial intelligence software products such as Portchain can help terminals and carriers mitigate the impact of congestion

Portchain offers to the shipping industry a unique cloud-planning tool with a powerful optimization engine. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it drives efficiencies in crane, gang and berthing assignments. Moreover, it improves customer collaboration.

The current congestion crisis in maritime transport has led some European companies to opt for railways to transport their containers from China. This was an unthinkable solution a few years ago. 

The delays and the skyrocketing prices of freight transport have made world trade turbulent for more than 12 months now. And many companies faced stock problems for the Black Friday and Christmas campaigns. Moreover, fearing that the consumer will not accept the high costs and it will affect the their bottom line.

In the US, many container vessels are at anchor waiting to enter the Port of Los Angeles. The scale of the situation is so large that ocean carriers are looking for alternative ports and schedule rotations to alleviate their issues.

The rotation of containers has been altered: it’s not that there aren’t enough of them, it’s that they are not where they are needed. And this misuse of containers has caused prices to soar. It is a problem of costs, but above all of time. And the worst thing is the uncertainty, the lack of reliability, which means that customers do not know when they will receive their goods.

Using Artificial Intelligence and cloud-based software solutions, the maritime market can better deal with constant changes and uncertainty. Portchain’s BOE, an optimization engine for berth planning, enables better decisions and real-time operational transparency with key stakeholders. By placing data, predictions, and AI-decision support in the center , operations become more reliable, efficient, and predictable. Efficiencies in crane, gang and berthing assignments becomes a three-way win-win solution for terminals, shipping lines and end-users.

About Portchain

Portchain is a Copenhagen-based tech company. The company builds Artificial Intelligence planning solutions to optimize quayside operations for container carriers and terminals. In accordance, its cloud-based software deploys Artificial Intelligence to support terminal operations by optimizing quayside strategy and resource assignment. For example, Portchain’s Artificial Intelligence solutions manage long term proforma, short term vessel planning and customer visibility. Currently, Portchain is working with several of the largest operators in the industry such as Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Hapag-Lloyd

In order to read more information about Portchain and its Artificial Intelligence software, please visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn.

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