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About us

Many planning problems are so hard that it would take several lifetimes to evaluate all possible solutions. Portchain was founded by three McKinsey project managers who believed that the enormous advances in processing power and algorithms could be used to help carrier and terminal planners find optimal solutions to the toughest problems and improve the bottom line of leading shipping companies. Combining simple and intuitive UX design with advanced mathematics and cutting edge web technologies, Portchain unleashes the power of AI to create a step-change in operational performance for shipping companies.

Our philosophy

Real-world impact

We build products that deliver tangible operational benefits on a daily basis


We harness the power of data to guide our predictions about the future

Supporting people

We believe the best decisions are made when AI augments human ingenuity and experience

Meet the team behind Portchain

The team is a diverse group of employees with backgrounds ranging from data science, software engineering, shipping, and management consulting.

Meet our international team

Born in Copenhagen, working globally

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Portchain has a diverse team with many different nationalities and backgrounds. Amongst our varied credentials are a PhD in Mathematical Optimization, a Master of Physicis and a Master of Political Science. What unites us is a common goal: Building user-centric AI applications that create operational benefits for shipping companies around the world.

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Niels Kristiansen
Anders Olivarius
Thor Thorup
Michael Lindahl
Craig Halford
Rasmus Holmann Sørensen
Michele Capra
Jasper Boessenkool
Sergei Patiakin
Federico Gandellini
Sebastian Christensen
Alessandro Ferrari
João Paiva Fonseca
Stefano Gombi
Michele Mazzucco
Utku Ufuk
Jekabs Karklins
Angus Davidson
Paolo Tagliani
Jonas Warming
Julie Aaboe
Juan Alamo
Laia Martín Anglada
Alfred Thorhauge Holbech
Helene Hjort

In the words of our Advisory Board

“We decided to be the lead investor in Portchain because of its very strong and professional team, and a strong belief in the business idea.”

Klaus Eldrup-Jørgensen

CEO, TrackMan

In the words of our Advisory Board

“The ability to optimize terminal and carrier assets and resources through AI is something the industry has been demanding for years.”

Jesper Kjaedegaard

Partner, Mercator International

In the words of our Advisory Board

“Portchain has developed an impressive technical solution using AI and ML to optimize terminal berth planning and container liner scheduling. I am excited about the opportunity this tool provides.”

Michael Hassing

Former CEO, Ports America

In the words of our Advisory Board

“Portchain is uniquely placed with a compelling value proposition to address structural challenges facing the container liner and terminal industries.”

Tom Behrens-Sørensen

Founder & CEO, Behrens-Sorensen Advisory P/S

In the words of our Advisory Board

“The opportunity to deliver scalable business value through a highly focused industry solution like Portchain excites me. I love being part of this team.”

Jesper Westfall

CCO, Acies
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