The Team

Portchain was founded by three ex-McKinsey project leaders with deep expertise in digitizing the shipping industry, having served the industry across the value chain on a global basis. Our team is made up of profiles with distinctive talent – all working together on the mission to Connect the World of Shipping.

Niels Kristiansen - CEO of Portchain
Niels Kristiansen

CEO, Co-Founder

Niels is Co-founder and CEO at Portchain. Previously, he worked at McKinsey advising primarily container terminals and lines on strategy and digitization. He worked as CEO of McKinsey’s first internal startup, where he led the development of an application for the shipping industry. Niels studied Economics at the University of Oxford, and has an M.B.A. from M.I.T.
  +45 3010 6904
Anders Olivarius - Product owner at Portchain
Anders Olivarius

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

Anders is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Portchain. Previously, he worked at McKinsey leading the development of several B2B applications. Anders was Product Manager for a SaaS application that used machine learning to predict vessel arrivals for container terminals. He led several end-to-end process digitization efforts across leading logistics and financial institutions.
  +45 2670 8547
Thor Thorup - COO of Portchain
Thor Thorup

CCO, Co-Founder

Thor is Co-Founder and CCO at Portchain. Previously, he worked at McKinsey leading digital transformations for shipping and logistics clients. He led the development of an industry leading data sharing effort in a Global Port, and led several digital strategy efforts for companies across the logistics value chain. Thor has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Hons) from the Technical University of Denmark.
  +45 5126 6079
Nicolas Herment - Head of Engineering at Portchain
Nicolas Herment

Head of Engineering

Nicolas is Head of Engineering at Portchain. Nicolas has 8 years of experience developing B2B SaaS applications, with a background from nearForm, Zendesk and Silicon Valley. Nicolas has worked extensively in the maritime industry, developing software applications for global shipping and cruise liner clients. Nicolas has a MSc in Computer Science from ISEN-Toulon.
Michael Lindahl - Head of Analytics at Portchain
Michael Lindahl

Head of Analytics

Michael is Head of Analytics at Portchain. Michael has worked with applying advanced analytics in different industries to improve planning and decision-making, such as manpower scheduling in airports, network design in offshore wind farms and timetabling at universities. He has a Ph.D. in operations research from the Technical University of Denmark.
Sergei Patiakin

Software Engineer

Sergei is a Software Engineer at Portchain. Sergei has been in the software industry for 3 years, with experience in both large projects at Microsoft and startups in Silicon Valley. He has deep expertise in databases, having worked on SQL Server and Azure SQL Database at Microsoft. He has an MSc in Physics from the University of Cambridge.
Michele Capra

Senior Software Engineer

Michele is a Senior Software Engineer at Portchain. Michele has been working in software industry for 9 years over a wide range of projects from mobile app to B2B SaaS applications. He is a Microsoft MVP and has been working in companies like nearForm. Michele has a MSc in Informatics Engineering from University of Brescia.
Federico Gandellini, Portchain
Federico Gandellini

Senior Software Engineer

Federico is a Senior Software Engineer at Portchain. Federico has 10 years of experience as a full-stack developer, working in companies like MailUp and Antares Vision. He has an MSc in Information Technologies from University of Milan with an in-depth expertise in operations research.
Valentin Dybkaer - Marketing Assistant at Portchain
Valentin Dybkjær

Digital Marketing Analyst

Valentin is a Digital Marketing Analyst at Portchain. Valentin has previously worked in several positions optimizing digital marketing, focusing on content optimization and SEO. Valentin has a background in business administration from CBS.
Christoffer Breum
Christoffer Breum

Business Analyst

Christoffer is a Business Analyst at Portchain. Christoffer previously worked at McKinsey while studying at Copenhagen Business School. He currently holds a degree in BSc International Business and is finishing a Master's degree in Applied Economics and Finance.