Tools that enhance your team’s expertise

At Portchain, AI is not just a fluffy buzzword. It is the core of our decision making tools. We apply state-of-the-art AI technology to support planning teams with their most difficult planning problems. Technology should support the planning process, not replace it.


Optimize decision-making to solves conflicts and reduce costs

Predictive analytics

Discover potential conflicts and issues before they happen

Cloud technology

Eliminate the need for on-site installation, and get newly deployed features overnight


Making complex operational trade-off decisions

Every decision has a large impact on cost and reliability, and there is a constant trade-off that has to be managed for every planning disruption. A vessel delay, for instance, has ripple effects on the carrier network and terminal berth plan, making it exceedingly complex to make a decision that takes everything into account.


Proprietary optimization algorithms

To determine the best sets of decisions, Portchain has developed our own proprietary mixed-integer programming models and algorithms, based on mathematical optimization. To help solve these models as fast as possible, we rely on Gurobi®, a best-in-class mathematical programming solver.


Making predictions in an uncertain world

To make good decisions it is crucial to have accurate information. Planning teams in shipping need to analyze large amounts of data from many sources subject to a high degree of uncertainty.


Machine learning models that cut through the noise

At Portchain we use machine learning to sift out irrelevant data. Planning teams only see the metrics and information they need, enabling them to predict operations more accurately.

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