How we work

Creating a step change in operational performance through technology

Portchain uses mathematical optimization and machine learning to create a step change in operational performance for carriers and terminals. We leverage the latest technologies to create solutions with consumer-grade design and user experience

Decision support tools

Berth Optimization Engine

Increase terminal throughput while simultaneously lowering costs

Our cloud-based Berth Optimization Engine works side-by-side with your TOS to optimize berth planning, increase throughput, and lower costs

Schedule Optimization Engine

Increase schedule reliability while simultaneously lowering bunker costs

Our cloud-based Schedule Optimization Engine works side-by-side with your scheduling system to reduce bunker cost and increase schedule reliability


Malaysia’s most advanced container terminal, located at the confluence of the main east-west shipping lanes
  • Total capacity

    12.5M TEU

    per year
  • Total quay length


  • Number of cranes

    66 STS

Berth Optimization Engine

“We are on an ambitious multi-year digitization journey to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers, and we want to work with partners that share our vision in the industry. To achieve our ambition, we are using world-leading solutions such as Portchain’s Berth Optimization Engine"

Joe Schofield

COO, Port of Tanjung Pelepas
5th largest container shipping company in the world
  • Volume transported

    12M TEU

    per year
  • Total fleet capacity

    1.7M TEU

  • Fleet

    248 vessels

Schedule Optimization Engine

“Portchain’s cloud-based solution provides powerful insights into the robustness of schedules and allows us to quickly make changes in real time. We look forward to creating additional value from this partnership for our customers.”

Jörn Springer

Senior Director, Fleet Support Center
Largest container terminal in Portugal
  • Total capacity

    2.3M TEU

    per year
  • Total quay length


    + 200 m feeder berth
  • Number of cranes

    10 STS

    + 2 mobile cranes