Using technology to solve the hardest operational problems in shipping

The complexities of planning in container shipping have a major impact on the underlying efficiency of global trade. The three founders of Portchain witnessed this while serving shipping clients at McKinsey & Company, and founded Portchain to optimize the engine of global trade through technology.

Our philosophy

Real-world impact

We build products that deliver tangible operational benefits on a daily basis


We harness the power of data to guide our predictions about the future

Supporting people

We believe the best decisions are made when AI augments human ingenuity and experience

About us

Supporting operational decision-making with AI

Many planning problems are so hard that it would take several lifetimes to evaluate all possible solutions. Portchain was founded by three McKinsey project managers who believed that the enormous advances in processing power and algorithms could be used to help carrier and terminal planners find optimal solutions to the toughest problems and improve the bottom line of leading shipping companies.

Combining simple and intuitive UX design with advanced mathematics and cutting edge web technologies, Portchain unleashes the power of AI to create a step change in operational performance for shipping companies

Born in Copenhagen, working globally

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Portchain has a diverse team with many different nationalities and backgrounds. Amongst our varied credentials are a PhD in Mathematical Optimization, a Master of Physicis and a Master of Political Science. What unites us is a common goal: Building user-centric AI applications that create operational benefits for shipping companies around the world.

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